"TURNUL"(Tower) in its classical understanding, denotes a fortification, a military construction. In the medieval legends it became the symbol of apartness from the world and in the people’s imagination it was built in ivory. The "Tower" however also represented security, personal safety, as it provided the protection of the beloved ones and the safeguarding of the goods and assets from danger.

In the case of corporate events or organized groups we have the same prices as in 2012.
In Turnul Hotel are accepted Holliday Tickets (Tichete de Vacanta) issued by Edenred.
For those who like adventure we organize surrounding off-road trips.
For sport passionate we invite them on the field tennis court.

After the medieval period had ended, the "Tower" (TURNUL) became the romantic embodiment of history. In its chambers and within its walls, the writers’ fantasy reconstructed the heroic times when knights and princesses lived passionate love stories, when the royal court’s festivities were the gathering place of minstrels and comedians, and when the battles against the enemies inevitably ended in the victory of the noble, handsome, fair and wise defenders of the citadel.

Why a “TOWER” (TURN) in Moeciu?

Because history is at home in the Bran pass.

Because we are fond of romantic legends and stories with a happy ending, of ancient times.

Because our ‘Tower’ (Turn) is the answer to the request of our daughter, Maria, who encouraged us to find inspiration in her fairy-tale books about Rapunzel and other ‘contemporary’ princesses.

Because among all the ‘rustic’ and ‘modern’ trends nowadays, we came up with something different. Didn’t you wish for something different too?

Is your answer YES?

Then, Welcome to our ‘Turnul’!


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